School Meals

At Orsett Primary School our meals are provided by Thurrock Catering Services who pride themselves on offering balanced and nutritious meals at an affordable price. Our kitchen staff – Vicky  (Cook) and  (Assistant) also work with us to ensure that the meals that are provided are of a high quality and enjoyed by all.


Our children enjoy dinner times as these are also social occasions. Once a week children who the Midday Assistants feel have been good role models during the week have the priviledge of sitting at the ‘Top Table’ complete with tablecloth and flowers. Each morning our children are able to choose which of the three main meals they wish to have and then just before lunch receive a coloured writsband denoting the meal that they have chosen. This ensures that our children have food that they will enjoy and therefore, there is also less wastage.

Dinners 02

Thurrock catering also come into our school and work with our children to prepared and make food that is both healthy and enjoyable to make so that our children learn at an early age how to cook simple meals.

Lets Get Cooking 1

Let’s Get Cooking  Competition with Darren (Thurrock Catering)

Our 2017 Roots to Food event proved to be very popular with the children. Please see the recipes below and try them out for yourselves:

Tandoori Spiced Salmon

Twice Cooked Parmesan Chicken

Thurrock Catering change menus throughout the year and these are sent out to parents as and when they have been changed. The kitchen is also able to cater for any children with allergies and parents can arrange to meet with Mrs Burdett to discuss this if they wish their child to have school dinners. The kitchen also regularly had Themed Dinner Days which are very popular indeed with our children and often link to the learning that is taking place. Below is a link to the current Dinner Menu:

Spring-Summer Menu Apr-Oct 2020 ORSETT

Pancake day flyer 25th February

Theme Days Dates Jan-July 2020

Census Treat Day 16th May 2019 PDF

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