Our Staff

Mrs Smith


I joined Orsett in November 2020 and am loving being a part of the school.

As Headteacher I am passionate about creating a family feel to our school which is driven by our vision, ensuring we celebrate the uniqueness of every child, encouraging them to flourish and shine in all that they do, preparing them for life’s journey.

Mr Dickson

Deputy Head-Year 4 teacher

I have been teaching and learning with the children of Orsett for 10 years and have got to know so many wonderful families! I believe in supporting children to develop their love of learning and skills that will make them successful and confident adults.

Mrs Pattullo


I am the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) and am responsible for ensuring that vulnerable groups of children at Orsett are supported and challenged as appropriate throughout their time at the school.

I work with staff, parents, and pupils and outside agencies to ensure that all our children get the best possible provision here at our school.

Mr Foster

Year R Teacher

Before working at Orsett I was an LSA for 6 years and got to work with children with a variety of different needs and abilities which gave me the drive to become a teacher. I have been at Orsett for 6 years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. I am looking forward to going back into reception this year so I can help support the new children throughout the year in their creative learning.

Ms Gosling

Year 3 Teacher

I have been working in education for many years. Initially I helped as a parent helper and found supporting the children in their reading very rewarding. Eventually, I started work as an LSA and over many years progressed to HLTA. Finally, with experience in many schools within London and Thurrock I qualified in teaching a few years ago. Already I have found Orsett CE Primary School a wonderful place to work.

Mrs Antanaitiene

Year 2 Teacher

I have worked in Primary education for many years, in the UK and outside of it. My time in school has developed my philosophy of valuing each child as an individual, as well as part of a community. I aim to give children as many learning opportunities and experiences as possible in order to engage, motivate and prepare them for future life.

Mrs Woods

Year 1 Teacher
I have many years of experience in working across EYFS, KS1 and LKS2. I am sharing the teaching in class 1 with Mrs Lucas.

Miss Ngonyama

Year 5 Teacher

I am responsible for P.E across the school. It is in my best interest to ensure that the children feel as though they are able to succeed. The passion for my job stems from previous coaching jobs, which led to becoming an LSA and later progressing to a teacher role. I am honoured to be welcomed into Orsett Primary School. I have experience teaching both in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Mrs Olajide

Year 6 Teacher

The animated look on the Children’s faces when they are engaged in learning, is one of the reasons that have kept me in Orsett since 2007.

I’m also involved in other activities such as: Subject Leader for Geography, RE & Worship and Music; School Choir.

My role with the Choir has led to my organisation of the Choir musical production and varied community linked events.

Mrs Young

I have worked in the school for a number of years. I first started as a Midday Assistant before becoming a full time Teaching Assistant. I have worked in all classes during my time in the school. Since gaining my HLTA I also provide absence cover (for when teacher cannot be in school), working across all of the school.  I enjoy all aspects of my job and find it very rewarding working with the children, as well as being part of a fantastic team of staff.

Mrs Britchford

I am new to Orsett school and I feel privileged to be part of the Orsett school team. I am looking forward to working with year 2. I find it really rewarding working with children and enjoy seeing them develop through their learning.

Mrs Machar

I have worked in childcare and education for over 30 years and at Orsett since 2012 as a MDA and various supporting roles. I love being in EYFS, KS1 and working with SEN. It makes every effort worth while watching the children grow and learn , becoming confident happy learners.

Mrs Martin

I currently work in Year 5 although I have worked in most classes. My favourite subjects are Maths and Art. I have always enjoyed seeing the children’s ‘light bulb’ moments and knowing that, as a school, we have helped them.

Mrs Newton

I have worked in EYFS and KS1 with many of the teachers for me is a really enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Mrs Pritchard

I started in the Summer term of 2019 I am currently in Reception class with Mr Foster  and Mrs Newton and I’m looking forward to seeing the children blossom in their first year at school.

Mrs Smith

I have worked at Orsett in the role of Teaching Assistant since September 1992. I have  worked across the school supporting most year groups, with a large part spent in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. As much as I enjoy all areas of the curriculum I particularly find PSHE interesting. I am proud to be a part of the Orsett Primary School team.