Our Curriculum

The School Curriculum

At Orsett C.E. Primary School we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which develops the ability of the individual child according to their age and ability, allowing them to shine and flourish in all they do. The school has implemented the National Curriculum and has curriculum Schemes of Work and overviews to ensure that all children cover the National Curriculum requirements and skills during their time with us.

Teachers use a wide variety of teaching methods and adapt their teaching methods according to the subject, age and ability of the children. At Orsett we place great emphasis on giving children hands-on experiences in learning, as we believe that it is only by actually doing something that true understanding of a specific area and its relevance to real-life can be gained.

We teach phonics at Early Years and Key Stage 1 (moving into Key Stage 2 when appropriate) through a combination of Jolly Phonics and the LCP scheme.

Our main Reading Scheme is Oxford Reading Tree, however as children progress they are encouraged to read as wide a variety of text types as possible and therefore, we have many other reading books both in class and in the Library that have been linked to the Oxford Reading Tree Bands to ensure continuity of progression. As children become confident readers they are encourage to read freely taking books both from their class and the Library.

The structure of the curriculum varies during the primary phase of education. It can be broadly sub-divided into three main areas: Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Since September 2014 we have revised our curriculum so that it is in line with the new government requirements whilst still ensuring that our children have the opportunity to undertake skills based learning through our LOTs curriculum.

Below are links to our curriculum content for all year groups. Our curriculum policy can be found on the policies page. If you need any further information please speak to the class teacher or make an appointment with the Headteacher.

The New NC overview with LOTS

The 2014 National Curriculum – Guide for Parents

On 12th November 2014 we held a Parents Workshop detailing how, as a school, we will be assessing our children’s attainment and progress now that levels have ceased to exist.

Below is a link to the presentation given.



The new revised PSHCE Scheme of Work, which was developed and agreed through three parent workshops

PSHCE SoW 2015 – year 1 annual

PSHCE SoW 2015 – year 2 annual

PSHCE SoW 2015 – year 3 annual

PSHCE SoW 2015 – year 4 annual

PSHCE SoW 2015 – year 5 annual

PSHCE SoW 2015 – year 6 annual