Worship Schedule

At Orsett collective worship is an important part of our school day.  All children and members of staff meet everyday to share in collective worship which is based around our Christian values of Friendship, Perseverance, Compassion, Respect and Honesty.

During Worship we embed our vision and explore how the children can ‘live out’ our vision.  We do this through exploring our values through the teachings of God’s word, Jesus and the Bible.  Children are encouraged to share their thoughts and views.  Once a week we celebrate the children’s work through a Star of the Week worship.  Singing also plays an important role in our worship.  We particularly love songs with actions or those from iSing Pop which we have taken part in twice!

We are very lucky that our local Priest – Rev. Sue Mann leads the children in worship regularly.  We lead worships at the local Church throughout the year.

More information can be found in the tabs below as well as some things to do as a family together from Messy Church at home.  Watch an example of one of our virtual worships below!  It is a special worship honouring Captain Sir Tom Moore and features some of the staff at Orsett.  Some other worships can be viewed on our YouTube Channel.  There is also a very special iSing Pop concert below that Orsett took part in in July 2022 with other schools from our Trust which you can enjoy.

Please see below our Worship Schedule for last term.

Worship 2021-2022 – Summer 1
Worship 2021-2022 – Summer 2