Remote Learning

In September 2020, all classes at Orsett returned to full-time education following the Covid-19 closure in March. Fortunately, the majority of our children had an uninterrupted experience from September to December.  In January 2021 we found ourselves in the position of delivering remote education to many of our children.

Our overarching aim at Orsett C of E Primary is to keep our core purpose of teaching and learning continuing as effectively as possible, and to maintain a connection between staff, pupils and their families.

In the below Tabs you will find a wealth of information, resources and help around remote learning which we hope you find useful now and if remote learning is needed in the future.

Do look at some of the work that has been completed at home since January in our Gallery – well done everyone!  You can also watch a video of how TEAMS changed our  practise during Lockdown.  We are ready to use it again should we ever need to and continue to use TEAMS for a manner of different learning activities in school.

The Remote Curriculum- The ‘remote curriculum’ is the broad term encompassing any learning that happens outside of the classroom, with the teacher not present in the same location as the children. This may include:

  • Online learning where the curriculum is delivered via technology.  Our chosen Platform is Microsoft TEAMS.  Online Learning can include ‘live’ lessons as well as pre-recorded videos and/or resources to support children’s learning to complete either online or in a paper-based exercise book at home.
  • Work packs
  • Sign posting families to external apps and websites that would further support engagement in remote learning.

Important Information January 2021

If you have any questions, concerns or need support during this period of Lockdown please do reach out to us for support.  All questions are important to us and we are here to support you.  The following ways to contact someone should be used.

Weekly Overview – Teachers will provide a weekly overview every Friday with a summary of each day’s learning. This will be uploaded to TEAMS every Friday.  Links will be provided in this timetable to where parents and children can find the online teaching videos and resources for each lesson. The expectations of lessons each day will be:

  • A maths lesson
  • An English lesson
  • A phonic lesson (Foundation Stage and KS1)
  • Spellings/GPS (Year 2 and KS2)
  • A lesson for one of the foundation subjects

Daily Live calls – All children will access to daily Live calls with their class teacher twice a day.  Times can be found in the letter section below – see Tabs.

Remote learning offer for Orsett C of E Primary School

Diocese of Chelmsford Vine School’s Trust Remote Learning Policy

Home School Teams agreement.docx

Remote Learning Feedback  – Thank you for your feedback from our remote learning questionnaire.  Details of what we found can be read here as well as what we are doing in response.  Thank you to all that responded.