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I just wanted to tell you about our new Bereavement Support Line which we launched on Monday 20th April.  The support line is a Freephone number which can offer emotional support through speaking to experience staff for anyone who has experience any death (not just through COVID-19) but are affected through;

  • Not being able to see the person before they died through social distancing
  • Being left alone because the person they lived with has died and family can’t come due to lockdown
  • Not being able to give the person the funeral they may have wanted due to social distancing restrictions and lockdown
  • The person may have died abroad and the person couldn’t get to see them through restrictions

Through ringing the helpline, people will get emotional support and can be referred onto an appropriate service or signposting to out of hours helplines to support them.

I have also attached Luke’s Counselling and Support for Children and Young People Service, in case you wanted to refer directly into that service.  The service is still open but due to restrictions offering support calls or telephone counselling.

Stay safe and well.

Kind Regards

Sarah Linzey

Head of Information and Supportive Care Services

St Lukes Hospice

St Lukes House

22 Lampits Hill



SS17 9AL

Tel: 01375 648170

Bereavement Support Line Poster

Lukes Referral Form Jun. 2019


Please use this link for any support you may need in terms of issues raised with the corona virus, for your children.


FOR PUPILS: a new DigiSafe Daily downloadable worksheet is available every day during term time at for parents or teachers of primary pupils to download and use at home.

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up-date on precautions for school

Critical Incident Coronavirus (March 2020)

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