Coronavirus Update – 18th March 2020

We want to reassure you that our key priorities continue to be the safety, welfare and wellbeing of your children and our first job is to ensure that school continues to be a safe place for your children, whilst we remain open. Therefore, if we end up with a significant number of staff absent, it may become impossible to run the school as normal and, for this reason, it may be necessary to partially shut certain classes, even if the government has not made a decision to close all schools.

If schools are left with no choice but to close the school will:

• Clearly and directly inform the parents, when a full closure will begin
• Put some home learning on the website and share online resources Actions Head Teachers are taking to keep schools open for as long as possible
• All staff will continue to come to work as long as they are fit and able to do so
• Cleaning has been increased and everyone in the school community is encouraged to be
careful about handwashing and hygiene
• Classes may be merged or sizes increased
• Checking on the more vulnerable pupils-giving guidance, from the school nurse
• Teaching and/or support staff may be redeployed to cover classes and safeguard
vulnerable children
• After school clubs and non-essential school activity may also be cancelled, such as music tuition
• The school pick up time may be staggered to avoid large groups of parents gathering at
the school gate

What you can do to help

• Follow the self-isolation advice for yourself and your children and young people
• Regularly check your school’s usual communication channels, such as emails, Parentmail and social media pages
• Keep up to date with government advice
• Please collect children and leave the school site promptly, without gathering in close
contact with others

All schools are working closely with the Local Authority and the Headteacher Associations in order to offer a consistent and safe response to the current crisis.

The health and safety of your children is everyone’s first priority.