Appeals Procedure

Each year parents, with children who are due to start formal schooling in the following September, apply for a primary school place.  All parents are able to indicate several schools stating their preference.

Unfortunately, the fact that you may prefer one particular school does not mean that the Local Authority will allocate you a place at this school.  as parents, there is a right of Appeal against the decision

Here at Orsett CE Primary School we are usually oversubscribed by three children for every place available as we can only admit 30 children (due to DfE guidelines).  Sadly this means that many parents who would like their children to go to our school are unsuccessful in gaining a place.

These parents do have the Right of Appeal but it is worth mentioning that an Appeal will only be successful if it is proved to an independent Appeal Panel that the school has not administered it’s Admissions Criteria correctly and that the child should have been offered a place over and above another child.

Below are links to the information that parents would need should they choose to make an Appeal, including an appeal timetable.

Appeals during Covid-19

Voluntary Aided School – Appeal Notes

Appeal Form – LA