OPT-IN is Orsett CE Primary School’s Parent Teacher Association who work hard to provide additional resources for all of the children at our school through enjoyable fund-raising activities. All parents are automatically members of OPT-IN and we very much hope that you will join us at our meetings or support the events that we run.

Next meeting: 23rd September 2019

Our meetings take place on Mondays at 2.00 p.m. in the Relocatable Classroom at the back of our school and everyone is very welcome.

We send out regular newsletters with dates of our meetings and events that are coming up. Below is a link to our Newsletters.

12th September 2019 School Disco

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Orsett School Summer Fete 2019 Inflatable Wristbands

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OPTIN Newsletter June19

OPTIN disco tickets letter March 2019

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PTA Newsletter Jan 19 v2

OPTIN disco tickets

PTA Newsletter November 2018

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PTA Newsletter Sept 18

PTA 2018

Even if you can’t attend our meetings we always need extra pairs of hands when we run an event so please do let us know if you can help as it will be greatly appreciated.

The money that we raise really does help our school buy things that otherwise our children would not have so it really does make a difference to every child in our school.

We have previously raised money to help create a Sensory Garden with outdoor musical equipment, a puppet theatre, Story Teller’s chair and much more so please do join us and help our children have the best possible resources.

As you can see the projects are wide and varied. Without your support these items would not have been purchased by the LEA and our children would have
gone without!

Thank You -Opt-In