Current Support Staff

Mrs Young – High Level Teaching Assistant I have worked in the school for a number of years. I first started as a Midday Assistant before becoming a full time Teaching Assistant. I have worked in all classes during my time in the school. Since gaining my HLTA I also provide absence cover (for when teacher cannot be in school), working across all of the school.  I enjoy all aspects of my job and find it very rewarding working with the children, as well as being part of a fantastic team of staff.

Mrs Smith – Teaching Assistant I have worked at Orsett in the role of Teaching Assistant since September 1992. I have  worked across the school supporting most year groups, with a large part spent in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. As much as I enjoy all areas of the curriculum I particularly find PSHE interesting. I am proud to be a part of the Orsett Primary School team.

Mrs Martin – Teaching Assistant I currently work in Year 5 although I have worked in most classes. My favourite subjects are Maths and Art. I have always enjoyed seeing the children’s ‘light bulb’ moments and knowing that, as a school, we have helped them.

Mrs Reynolds – Teaching Assistant I have worked at Orsett C of E Primary for a number of years. . I get great satisfaction in seeing the children achieve and grown in confidence in their first year at Orsett. I have worked in Childcare and Education for the past 26 years in a wide variety of setting in many different roles. However my passion is working in EYFS and with SEN. I get great enjoyment seeing the children blossom and reach their full potential.

Mrs Kent – Teaching Assistant I am currently working in Class R and supporting children in speech & language. During the afternoons I support children across the school. I greatly enjoy helping the children progress. My favourite subject is English and I am looking forward to being more involved with the English curriculum this year. I have been working at the school for over four years now, and I love being part of the Orsett Primary family.

Mrs Newton – Teaching Assistant  I have worked in EYFS and KS1 with many of the teachers for me is a really enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Mrs Rayner- Teaching Assistant This is my seventh year as a TA at Orsett, which I thoroughly enjoy.  I trained at Woodlands, Great Warley, Brentwood in Key Stage 1, so it is nice to have the experience of being a TA in Key Stage 1 and 2. During lesson time, I sometimes participate in ‘Philosophy 4 Children’ – which I have found particularly interesting, especially when the children’s opinions can be so varied and attention-grabbing.  I have a good working relationship with the teachers and other members of staff and thoroughly enjoy going to work.

Mrs Fish-Teaching Assistant I joined Orsett Primary School in June 2018. For the last eight years I have been working in another local school as a TA, but felt ready for a new challenge and Orsett was the place. I am currently working in Year 6 with some fantastic children and staff. I consider myself a confident, caring person who has a passion to make a difference to children’s education.

Mrs Britchford-Teaching Assistant  I am new to Orsett school and I feel privileged to be part of the Orsett school team. I am looking forward to working with year 2. I find it really rewarding working with children and enjoy seeing them develop through their learning.

Mr Bown-Teaching Assistant I have been at Orsett since Easter 2018 and received an overwhelming welcome from all! I had previously worked in a school in East London in EYFS and working with SEND children, for 5 years. I personally think that the children at Orsett are so lucky to have such a wide range of excellent resources available. I look forward to going to work every day.

Mrs McCandless-Teaching Assistant I joined Orsett in September 2015 as a midday assistant before becoming a 1:1 teaching assistant. I am currently supporting in year 1 and enjoying working in all key stages. I love creating displays that showcase the children’s fantastic work and also being part of the Orsett Primary team.

Mrs Wignall – Reading Support Manager I am Mrs Wignall and I am the Reading Manager working with children in Key Stage 2. This involves helping children with their reading and literacy skills. Prior to this, I was a Teaching Assistant, a role I performed for 12 years. My current role is something I am passionate about as reading is a core skill that is necessary for all subjects at school and life in general. I enjoy helping children develop their reading skills and seeing how this improves their overall confidence within their time at the school.

Mrs Willett – intervention support I joined Orsett as a Teaching Assistant in January 2015. I am currently working in class 6. I have also worked closely with Mrs. Manley, the school’s SENCO, I run various intervention groups across the school. I consider it a privilege to be part of Orsett’s fantastic staff team and am constantly rewarded as I watch the children that I work with learn and grow.