Class 5

Welcome to the Class 5 Page

Class 5 is taught by Mrs Lucas and the Teaching Assistant in the class is Mrs Rayner.

In Class 5 our children are encouraged to discuss and consider the author’s meaning when reading, be able to write in a wide range of genres and tackle three part problems using a wide range of mathematical skills and knowledge.

As with all the classes in our school we aim to ensure that our children have every opportunity to experience ‘hands on’ learning so that they really understand what they are learning about and have fun at the same time.



Below you will find our most recent letter to parents outlining what our children will be learning this term and the homework expectations for the term. Any other letters relating to class 5 are also below:

Class 5 Extended Homework.Sum2

Class 5 ww2 sum 2

Class 5 Extended Homework.Sum1

Class 5 SPACE sum 1

Class 5 Extended Homework.Spr2

Class 5 hollywood spr 2

Class 5 Extended Homework.Spr1

Class 5 Sport spr 1

Class 5 Extended Homework.Aut2

Class 5 Pirates AUT 2

Class 5 Food Around the World AUT 1

Class 5 Extended Homework.Aut1


Class Letters:

Stubbers Letter – Year 6 (September)

RESIDENTIAL reminder letter

Puberty Talk 2018 letter

year 5 visit to playgroup letter 2018

Boy in the striped pyjamas

Class 5 PACT session-summer.18

Class 5 PACT session-spring.18


Yr5 School Visit Allergens

potential Yr6 residential options