Class 1

Welcome to the Class 1 Page

Class 1 is taught by Ms Gosling and the Teaching Assistant in the class is Mrs Reynolds and Mrs McCandless.  In Class 1 the children follow the National Curriculum and there is a significant focus on ensuring the children learn to read well using  a phonics approach to the teaching of reading.

As with all the classes in our school we believe in celebrating the uniqueness of every child and encourage them to flourish and shine in all that they do, preparing them for life’s journey.

Below you will find our most recent letter to parents outlining what our children will be learning the coming half term, the curriculum map about all learning and the homework expectations for the term. If you have further queries about the curriculum please speak to the class teacher.

Any letters relating to the class are also below:

Year 1 Home work Summer 2

Class 1 Parent Letter Summer 2       Class 1 LOTS Summer 2 Seaside

Yr 1 Home work Summer 1

Class 1 Parent Letter Summer 1       LOTS Summer 1 Africa

Yr 1 Home work Spring 2

Class 1 Parent Letter Spring 2        Class 1 LOTS Spring 2 The Natural World

Yr 1 Home work Spring 1

Class 1 Parent Letter Spring 1       Class 1 LOTS Spring 1 Changes within living memory

Yr 1 Home work Autumn 2

Class 1 Parent Letter Autumn 2

Yr1 Home work Autumn 1

Class 1 Parent Letter Autumn 1


class letters:


Class 1 PACT session-summer.19

Scooter parent Letter

care home visit-class 1&2

Class 1 PACT session-spring.19

KS1 nativity letter 2018

Science Dome Letter

Steel Pan Letter class1&2